Saturday, February 18, 2012

Life as we know it....

So, I haven't been on here as often as I would like. Now that we are settled, "life" has returned! We are busy with church, our life group, the kids and work.

I finally feel as though I am making deeper connections with friends around me. I had the opportunity to get away for the weekend with a friend. We headed to MN to scrap with a few of my MN friends. It was so nice to get to know this gal better.

This friend has introduced me to a product called Advocare. I became a distributor so that I can take advantage of the discounts offered. Advocare is a variety of things, but their main focus is wellness. They offer several supplements and products to aid in performance workouts to weight management. I'm hoping to achieve additional weight loss through doing this product, but we will see. My main goal is to continue my great bill of health! I had been to the doctor and gotten my annual checkup. The only thing she had on me was my weight. Unfortunately that is my most difficult part of life! Advocare is also a business opportunity. I really am not interested in that right now. I certainly will sell to anyone who wishes to buy, but I'm not going to be a hard core seller.

My friend and I did the 24 Day Challenge which brought me down 10lb. (I had been down 10 since moving to SD)and six inches. And that was without doing any working out of any kind. It really is baby steps for me. The supplements and products taken are not necessary to take forever, but they are items you should already be consuming. Vitamins and herbs along with "good" bacteria for your belly!

Life group is seeming to get better and better. Don't get me wrong - we have an excellent group of people, but unfortunately I desire to be deeper with these people. The only way that will happen is if they begin to open up and they finally have. We need to trust each other even with the tough stuff! The next step is having the freedom to call on each other and not just at group. I know it will come - unfortunately these things take time.

My work at church has cut back in hours, but I am welcoming it. It frees me up to stay on top of the house. Now that we have a house to take care of - it feels good. We have begun to put our little touches here and there on it. It's cozy, we don't have the spare room that I desire to have in case friends or family should visit, but we have lots of floor space and a pull-out couch. We also have two really nice hotels - three blocks away. And unfortunately friends and family don't come as often as you would hope. Life gets in the way!

Academically Nicolai has been doing well. He has been on the honor roll all year. He has gotten all A's except for one B+! What can I say, he's a brainiack! I hope that doesn't change. Socially he continues to struggle from time to time, but for the most part has been holding it together. He usually enjoys Student Ministries.

Sonja continues to enjoy K. She adores her principal and continues to excel in her work. She looks forward to seeing her friends. She has been getting to know a little boy just two doors down from us and enjoys playing outside with him after school. She also is in AWANA and enjoys it very much.

Joel and I just celebrated our 20th Wedding Anniversary. We are pretty proud of that since in today's world 50% of marriages fail.

Joel continues to "act" in children's ministry plays, teach third graders and sits as chair on the property committee for church. I continue to coordinate weddings, purchase food for our youth Garage Cafe', watch babies on Sunday mornings and organize children's ministry storage closet areas.

Well, my intentions are to keep track of life more often on here, but if I were a bettin' woman - I would bet that it probably won't happen as often as I would like. I hope all is well in your world.......

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kris said...

Hi Lori! It was nice to get your comment on my blog. I didn't realize you guys had moved. I hope you will all be feeling better soon. There are lots of germs running around here too - I work at an elementary school and there have been lots of sick students and staff. Take care - God bless!!