Monday, June 20, 2011

Three Steps Forward, One Step Back.....

I haven't written much about Nicolai lately. He, for the most part, has been doing well. Until this week. Some of you who have frequented my blog remember from years ago, my comments and posts regarding him and the issues we continue to face. Those issues haven't gone away and they never will. We are dealing with something hereditary and other then teaching him how to deal with things despite the difficulties, we can't make it heal or go away.

Now that we are in South Dakota, we have two doctors from different offices (psychiatrist and psychologist) that actually communicate together! Wow! That has made a difference in treating him. I don't feel as if I'm having to plead his case every time we visit a doctor!

So yesterday, he fell into a rage that we haven't seen in him in over 5 years. It was rather scary, but the difference between years ago and yesterday was that yesterday, I felt we were more prepared and better armed for whatever it was that needed to happen.

So we press on and continue to leave him at the feet of Jesus where I know He will provide and protect!

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