Wednesday, March 11, 2009

God's goodness!

If you haven't figured it out by now, we have had a tough year. Joel stopped receiving paychecks in October of 2008. Since then we have stepped in faith that God will provide and protect. We lost our insurance due to lack of employee number requirements. We had to lay everyone off. We are now down to just Joel working, but not receiving a paycheck. When you are the owner and not enough money comes in, you are the first to let go of your paycheck. At least in our business, that is how it has worked. We have always put our employees and suppliers first.

God certainly has been amazing to us. We have been protected and provided for. In mid-November, an anonymous gift card to the grocery store showed up on our island. We were also able to sell a trailer. Praise God! In late November God brought a buyer for one of our trucks. That sale allowed us to get through all of December and most of January. Praise God!
At Christmas time, someone left another anonymous gift card to a local grocery store. That allowed us to feed our family for a few weeks. Family and friends made sure they bought an extra gift for the kids at Christmas. Praise God!
In January a friend sent a gift card to T@rget. I was able to get more groceries for my family and a little treat for myself. Praise God!
On several occasions friends have treated me to Chai Tea at St@rbucks or C@ribou - yum! Praise God!
In early February, another anonymous giver gave us a greeting card with cash in it. I'm not sure if those people knew or not, but that day it was given to us, was our 17Th Wedding Anniversary! Praise God! In late February, we had a garage sale, that allowed us to get caught up with our bills for Feb. It turned out to be an extremely fun weekend. Several people came out and were very excited about a garage sale in the winter time! God brought me a friend to help us out and walk me through how to successfully get lots of people through in a short period of time. Without her, I would have been a stressed wreck! She made it fun! Praise God!
I wasn't sure where March was going to be covered, but never was I worried. I knew that God was going to provide all of our needs.
Just a week or so ago, some friends of ours gave us an envelope with more cash in it. Here's the cool thing. Just a week prior to the envelope landing in our hands, I had told that friend that we were short a certain amount of money for our electric bill. I found out later that the money that was set aside for us and determined, was decided a week prior to our conversation. The amount that we were behind on our electric bill, ended up being covered by the garage sale. The garage sale allowed us to pay part of March's electric bill too, but it left us short to be able to pay all of March's electric bill. The amount that our friends handed to us in the envelope was the amount needed to cover March's electric bill and get us caught up (without being late). Praise God!! How cool is that?!
This couple wasn't aware of the shortage amount when they determined what they should give. God impressed upon their hearts to give and so they faithfully did. It ended up being what we needed!

God has gotten us through four and half months without a steady paycheck coming in. How amazing is that?! God has brought to us amazing friends who have given us so much. From a cup of tea at St@rbucks or C@ribou, a night out scrapping, a gift card, gift of money or a helping hand - we are so grateful!

We continue to seek after God for our needs and what He would have us do. We also continue to pray for His protection.

Matthew 6:34 (New International Version)
Therefore do not worry about tomorrow, for tomorrow will worry about itself. Each day has enough trouble of its own.

Thank you to all who continue to love us through this season in our lives. We are so grateful for your generosity. God is so great at providing and protecting in the coolest ways!

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Mamita J said...


It is hard to be on the "desperate for God" end of things, but that is where He works the biggest miracles.

The Lord bless you and your family,

Jenny and Matt said...

It's great to be loved, huh?
By God, friends and family!)

Jennifer said...

We serve a BIG GOD! This post really blessed me. I am in awe of how God always comes through and provides. I have a prayer request for you. We are in major need of a larger vehicle. We need a mini van and just don't know how we are going to get one. We all pack into a taurus now and when the baby comes there is no way we will be able to drive anywhere. Can you please agree with me in prayer that God already knows this and will provide? Thanks girlie.