Monday, December 15, 2008


Do you know what your purpose in this life is? What is it and why?

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Michelle Smiles said...

I don't think I've identified one purpose that perpetuates across my entire life so far...but I can definitely identify those that govern different periods of my life. And I've been very satisfied in fulfilling them while I was meant to and then moving on to the next thing. Right now my purpose is to raise my children in a happy, safe environment. And I can't wait to see what comes next.

Jenny and Matt said...

I've always thought that overall, our purpose is simply to contribute to the greater good. We each do that in different ways, and at different times in life how we do that may change. On a personal level if we constantly re-evaluate if what we are doing/how we are living is for the greatest good then we can constantly challenge ourselves and grow.

Kim said...

I'm with Michelle - I've noticed different purposes at different points in my life.

I've enjoyed each phase of my life and look forward to figuring out what my next purpose is.

Maxine said...

To glorify God and enjoy Him forever.

Hi, Lori, sorry I've been such a neglectful friend. Hope you are well!

Jane-Jane said...

To make Jesus famous. As with Michelle, that looks different at each stage/phase that God brings me to.

Are you stayin' warm up there? Burrr! it only got up to about 63 here today. (I am ruthless in my attempts to sway your mind.)