Monday, July 07, 2008

Found some pictures!!

Here are a few of the pictures I found from the recent Ranch Reunion!

We had one family week where at the end of it, there was always a rodeo. We had bull (cow) riding, barrel racing, pig catching and so much more! Even clowns!! At the farm side of the Ranch (where I lived) we had up to 20 horses at one time and during the various camp weeks, we offered horse back riding!

This is Shanna and me! I remember trying to teach her how to ride my motorcycle one time - she never got it! It was funny though!! I use to ride motorcycle with the "boys" that brought up their cycles. We had 1200 acres to roam and roaming we did! We always ended up in the swamp mudding around!!

This was the yummy pork that was served at the reunion! They did a great job and I hear they will be back next year!!

The Mess Hall Bell! I told you about this in a previous post! This bell rang 5 - 6 times a day all summer long!

The "Rat Pack" Ranch Kids! A lot of the people in this picture spent every summer and sometimes all summer long up at the Ranch. Ooooo the fun we had, but the trouble we got into!! :) See the gal behind me in the light green shirt? That's Nicole. She and I were glued together all summer long. We played Barbies for hours and hours on end! We had so much fun!!

And finally the Ranch sign that was a few yards down the road indicating that you had arrived!

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