Thursday, June 19, 2008

Clean Sweep

Tuesday, I got tired of seeing my son's destroyed room, so I decided that we would pretend we are on a show called Clean Sweep and clear out his room! Like that show a lot!!

Here's what 1/8 of what was in his room looked like after removing everything and putting a few things back.

We created three piles: garbage, keep and give away. He has so much stuff and doesn't take good care of it. He usually gets a toy or character and within two days Joel or I are trying to super glue it back together!!

So we spent all morning unloading everything to the front entry and hallway and that afternoon and evening Nicolai and I spent it sorting and putting it back! He needed a break, so I allowed him to go swimming in the "dog dish" for a little bit.

We did finally get our self-rising pool up - it looks like a huge blue dog dish! And yes, I say that every year!! I think the temp is only at 70 degrees, but he still loves it and is in it every chance he can!

Here's the finished product. Nicolai was so proud of his room and has kept it clean for at least two days. We will have to see how long that lasts!?! Last night he put back his toys and straightened up his room before turning the light off! I wondered who stole my child and replaced him!! He was a new kid!!

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Jane-Jane said...

I LOVE an organized and clean room... but I am MUCH like Nico to keep up with it. Drives Jack crazy, so I am working on the same issue at 41... wish I had a mommy like you. (our bedrooms were upstairs, mom and dad's down, and I was the I need to say any more!?) Please tell Nico that Jane-Jane is very proud of him and proud of his mommy for teaching him this life skill.

Jennifer said...

I love an organized bedroom myself but with 4 kids mine is the last one to get cleaned and actually everything ends up in mine. What a great looking room he has. I really need to do that to my kiddos rooms. Better yet... You want to come do it for me? BTW how is Nico doing? Are you still doing that program with him?

Jennifer said...

BTW I love the music on your blog. We like the same music. I love that new song by Need to Breath. My husband has been wanting to wing that at church but we didnt know who sings it.