Monday, May 12, 2008

The Bubbleographer and the Princess!

Once upon a time not very long ago there was an eight year old boy who was taught everything there is to know about bubbles. He made bubbles by blowing through a straw. He blew bubbles through a homemade contraption he and his mother made. He even learned the makeup of a bubble and what makes it work the best! He therefore, became a Bubbleographer and we were so happy.

The Bubbleographer had a sister, we found out, who is also a Princess. The Princess is busy popping bubbles outside and saying all kinds of new words. She dances and jumps in excitement all around.

We hope and pray that the Bubbleographer and the Princess will live happily ever after! The End.

3 comment(s):

Emily's Entries said...

Those are really cute pictures!

Jennifer said...

awww How precious. Love the photos and the adventure. Has he learned how to blow bubbles with Gum?

Lori said...

Not yet!! I'm sure it will be funny when he does!