Wednesday, May 07, 2008


Jennifer, I thought I would answer your question here rather then hopping over to your place because Megan is also interested in this program.

5HTP (5-Hydroxytrptophan) is the immediate precursor to Serotonin production in the brain. 5HTP is an amino acid that is the intermediate step between tryptophan and the important brain chemical Serotonin. Supplementing with 5HTP provides natural support for emotional well-being. This has great results for children with rages, temper tantrums, night terrors or nightmares, difficulty getting to sleep, anxieties, or "SI" symptoms. Nicolai struggles with rages, nightmares, anxieties and difficulty getting to sleep.

Yesterday Nicolai started down the rage path when I was disciplining him and he was able to stop and control his behavior rather then continue on the hour to four hour long rage sessions he commonly does. So I hope that it was a sign of this medicine working and not just a fluke.

I am not taking the 5HTP - although I probably should! I am taking the Acidophilus and only have seen more frequent bathroom stops then usual, but know that it is bad bacteria sloughing out of my system. Other then that, I don't have any other symptoms and don't feel weird in anyway.

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Greta Jo said...

Praise the Lord- its working.

Emily's Entries said...

That is awesome that it is working. Isn't God amazing?!