Sunday, January 06, 2008

Music Off and Thank you!!

I've turned my music off for those that hate it! You can still listen to it if you wish, you just need to hit play on the play list at the bottom of my page!

Thank you to EVERYONE who pitched in and donated to Nicolai's Jump For Lives fundraiser!! It's still going on, so if you wish to help out, see the post below!! The donation site doesn't allow me to see who has donated, so if you have - Thank you Thank you Thank you!!!! You Rock!!

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Jane-Jane said...

Tricia will be delivering in withing the next 24 hours...please pray

Mamita J said...

Hey Lori. You did meet me in GC in February! How cool is that? How did you find me?

Your kids are adorable. They really look like they are doing well.

We are still waiting to bring our little girl home, but we are getting closer every day. We are in PGN now and expect to be approved in Jan or Feb. We were KO'd before Christmas, but the reviewer told our facilitator everything else was in order. So here we are.

You can email me at mamitaj at gmail dot com. That's not my normal email and I don't check it every day, but if you write me there, I can give you my real address. :)

Thanks for commenting on my blog. I look forward to reading all about your family.

In Christ,