Friday, January 11, 2008

Craft Room Creation

Over the past month or so, I have been getting ready for our company Christmas party. Everyone is always busy right at the holiday time and so we always book our parties after the hustle and bustle is over. And it allows me to get everything done that I need to before that date!

Last year, I made Christmas ornaments out of light bulbs for everyone. I wasn't going to turn it into a tradition, but someone in our office asked if I was going to do it again this year. So, I decided to do it! I made another ornament, but this time turned the light bulb into Rudolph! I assembled all of the cards today at my friend, Debbie's house and Joel was helping me spray the bulbs with an enamel. He was gettin' a little high in his workshop!! :)

Now all I will have to do is put the antlers on and his bright red nose and make up some chocolate candies to bring with!

We decided to have our party at the local bowling ally this year. I always hope that our employees have a good time and enjoy themselves!

Here's a few pictures of the creations:

The cards!

The Rudolph ornaments!

The Drying Rack my magnificent husband rigged up!!

And the Great Enamel Sprayer!!

6 comment(s):

Michelle Smiles said...

Wow those are adorable ornaments!

Greta Jo said...

What a great idea. You are so talented. Can you please rub your talent on me?

Mamita J said...

Oh my word, Lori! How cute is that!

It looks like you may have started a tradition.


bodegalee said...

Just awesome! You're sooo creative! Love them :) !!

Greta Jo said...

I receieved your FIL books today. I am looking forward to reading it.

Jennifer said...

You are so creative Lori. Those are adorable ornaments