Wednesday, January 02, 2008

Clean up, Clean up, Everybody, Everywhere!

Every year at this time I get the itch to clean up and get my house organized! I do enjoy organizing - yes, I'm weird that way! I have an enormous list to accomplish and less time with a little one running around my ankles to get it done! I'm hoping to be able to stay on it though!

- Clean closets, Nico and Sonja's closets
- Clean up laptop and PC of their pictures and download to CD
- Sell a few furniture pieces on Craigslist.
- Clean up my plastic wear in my kitchen and a few other overrun cabinets.
- Make a run to Good Will with all of my bags of stuff!

That's just part of the list! In addition to cleaning, I would like to see our bathroom finally finished in the basement. It sure would make potty training this year a whole lot easier! Getting that done means I need to get off my butt and paint! So I'm hoping to paint as well!

After the clean up, I'm hoping to not add more "stuff" to the newly organized space! I would like to get better at shopping and not just buy something because I think I might need it or use it somewhere down the road OR that I like it. I am getting better at this. We have gone to a temporary cash system in our home and I'm trying to get the checkbook and bills in order as well. We only have two items to try and pay down and the rest is living expenses. It should be easy, but for some reason I like to make more work out of it then I need to. So I give a toast to happy cleaning!

3 comment(s):

Tricia said...

HAPPY cleaning, LORI!

margaret said...

I love to organize too, although you'd never know it by walking into my house!

Jennifer said...

I also love to organize. But when you are done there want to come here and do my closets and cabinets?