Tuesday, November 13, 2007

The Kids!

Wordless Wednesday One Day Early!! (except to explain pictures!) I am going to be going to a funeral far away tomorrow, so I thought I would post this today! Enjoy!!!

Nico's new wrestling outfit. Yes, he is going to try wrestling!!

Sonja is in heaven when Daddy comes home for lunch to read books!!

HAPPY BIRTHDAY GRANDMA! We hope you had a great day!!!

3 comment(s):

daryl b said...

Way to go Nico...let me know if you want some pointers. That singlet looks great.

Sonja you are looking cute too.

Emily's Entries said...

Wow. You will have to let me know how wrestling goes...I hope he has fun! I love the little outfit. haha Sonja looks so cute and happy sitting there with Uncle Joel!!! That is sooo sweet!

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the adorable pix of our beautiful grandchildren. They are so precious. Love the singlet and Sonja's smiling look at Daddy while reading. Precious!!
Yes, I had a wonderful birthday. Another year YOUNGER!!
Love to all, Lake Six Gram