Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Same old...Same old!!

Really, not too much going on! Sonja is breaking skin on a few teeth and so she is more then pleasant to be around :)!! Nico is busy as ever! If it's not his idea, then it's not fun or good enough!! What ya' do?!

Joel is busy at work. That is good news, now if clients would actually pay for their requests! That would be a miracle!!

My No More Junk support group is going away. I'm not too happy about that! I hope to hookup with one of the gals who wants to continue and she and I can be a support for each other. It does get more and more challenging to keep up my diet, but I try hard to force the veggies and fruits down.

I'm very happy that I only gained one pound after having been around processed food, candy and sweets for a week. I must have been behaving a little!

I'm trying to unpack, clean clothes, clean the house, repack and plan food for a weekend away. It's slightly challenging when taking care of a baby! I will get through it all though!

Sorry for the blahsey post, but it's been a blahsey day! Tomorrow should be better! It's a new day!!

4 comment(s):

Emily's Entries said...

Aunt Lori,
Wow! Are you ever busy! Hopefully today is a better day!

Alleen said...

I have those blahsey days too - we all do!!! My house??? Disaster, disgusting. sigh.....

I think it's awesome to only gain a pound after a whole week away! You're doing great.

Jenny and Matt said...

I'm bummed about the Junk blog, too. You've been doing great at losing, Lori, keep up the great work!!!

Soltana said...

Im bummmed about junky trunk too...but we can still keep in touch...did you email Shannon yet???

I know what youre going through with the teeth..Cerah has been an angel all week :) RIGHT!!!