Monday, June 25, 2007


I never thought that a doctor canceling her appointments would bring me to tears! We have been anticipating the appointment today to find out what's going on with Nico and the doctor is sick! SOOOOOOOOO we will be meeting with her on Thursday morning. Please pray that the meeting actually happens. Thursday morning at 8 is the only available time she had otherwise we needed to wait until July 31st for any openings. So needless to say I'm a little sad. I called my husband crying to tell him that it had been canceled and he suggested that I keep the babysitter and go shopping! WHAT A GUY!! Love that man!

So I'm going to go shopping for a 20th class reunion outfit. I just found out that my 20th is going to be on the 7th of July. Should be interesting!

Thanks for your prayers and support regarding Nico. Things are going ok, we have many moments of non-listening and sassing. Other then that it seems to be ok. With help from friends and family we have been getting by.

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Ginger--Maya's mommy said...

I will continue to pray for little Nico and you. I know the wait is a killer.

Emily's Entries said...

Aunt Lori,
I can't believe they cancelled!! I sure hope it was a VERY good reason! I will pray for Nico's appointment, specifically that it won't get cancelled again!

That is SOOOO sweet of Uncle Joel to not only let you, but tell you to go shopping!! I love shopping, it always, well most of the time, makes me feel better! haha

Love you!


Kim said...

Did you have fun shopping? ;)

I'm sorry the appointment got canceled - and I hope the new one happens.

Krystal said...

Hey, Lori - Sorry you had a disappointing day with the cancelled appt :( Can you e-mail me at -- I'd like to invite you to the rant blog :)

Jane-Jane said...

I am hurting with you... I am crying out to Jesus wondering about His timing!?! I too can bawl when the anticipation is shattered like today.

So... did you get a new outfit? Shoes and purse too?!?!

Still praying!

The McKenzie Crew said...

You mean non-listening and sassing are not normal????????????

I just know Nico is going to be fine:) With Mac praying for him - be ready for your miracle girly:)


The McKenzie Crew said...

Hey - can you email me yor address - AG wants to send you something:)


Maxine said...

Sorry about the appointment, Lori, but remember, God providentially does these things for whatever reason in His master plan. Will be praying for the Thursday appt.
Glad to see you appreciate your hubby!!!! You should!