Thursday, June 14, 2007

OK! A clue and a prayer!!

It's not here yet, but I'm hoping soon!! It's black, holds seven and whatever else you can cram in it! It's not new to my sister, but it's new to me!

OK - there's your clue!

Now for the prayer - please pray that the carrier will follow through and bring that item VERY soon and in safe condition! We have gotten shmucked a little on this deal!

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Anonymous said...

It's gotta be a vehicle.
Had a great chat with Nico at Grams the other day.

Kim said...

I agree - it has to be a car. Maybe an Expedition - Pacifica - humm....

ginger said...

I has to be a huge black SUV!! You gotta tell us.

Mackenzie's Forever Family said...

It's a van.....Am I right?


Jane-Jane said...

gotta love a new ride! Delivery can be such a bugger! I'm praying for you!

And thanks for the encouragement on my blog! I do strike up a conversation and try to add a praise God or refer to Jesus in some way.... but I love the challenge to ask for a prayer request, then I will follow up with a how are things going for you in ____ area.... I shop at the same store and see the same workers most of the time! Another step for Jesus! Thanks sister!

Natalie said...

It's a van....either a Toyota Sienna or a Honda I right?! ;)

Emily's Entries said...

lol looks like everyone thinks you are getting some kind of vehicle....I know the truth! lol I can't believe they are taking this long to deliver it! Can you get a discount on shipping ;) because it's not there when they said it would be?

I have been and will continue to pray

Sarah | Rishi said...

Hm.... well good thing I know what it is. Other wise, this whole thing would be driving me CRAZY!
Still haven't heard back on Nico? I'll be praying
God bless you