Monday, January 08, 2007

Here she is!

She is scared. So please pray that she gets comfortable with us and isn't scared! She hasn't stopped crying since we got in the room. We have been in here for approx. a half hour. We spent time with the FM and her Mom and the facilitator. We got some pix. My sister-in law was around the corner from the hotel getting water, when the FM showed up and walked in the door. I was sitting in the lobby. No Rep had come yet and so we had a few minutes of language barrier, but the barrier really wasn't there, we knew exactly why and what was going on!! They recognized me right away. I had sent pictures of us for them to show Sonja. I recognized FM right away as well. She is a beautiful lady. They have spoiled our Sonja. She is treated like a Queen, not a princess!! I'm so grateful!!!

It was very nice to meet the FM and her mom. They are sweet.
Please pray for my husband and my son. My son woke up this morning with a 102 temp.
I will post more pictures when she settles down and I can get some. Please pray that she feels peace.

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rindy said...

What an exciting time for me to find your blog! From a mom of 3, get ready for your love to multiply--it's amazing how you think you've used up all your love on a first child, then a second comes along and wow, there's room for that much more and it just keeps going! Enjoy! I will be following...

Chris Good said...


Anonymous said...

Hi to our three girls, I am up and running again. Love the pics of the FM, foster mom and of course, you three. Sonya looks so beautiful and sweet. It looks like a gorgeous hotel also. Nice digs for the week. It sounds like all are very helpful and cordial to you gals. Back to my typing which I am not concentrating on at all.
Love, hugs and kisses, MOM/ABUELA

welch said...

Lori, you will be in our prayers. Hope the trip is wonderful. Congrats and we will be looking forward to seeing the ENTIRE Westrum clan together asap.

Maxine said...

Wow!! Just got back to checking your blog and didn't know you had posted so much. What a blessing to see that picture with that precious child in your arms! I'll keep checking for further reports. I know exactly how that is for Sonja--I remember my first. Will be praying for a measure of peace in her heart. God bless you all.

The McKenzie Crew said...

wooo-hoooo! Baby in hand!
Congratulations on the most amazing day and meeting your little girl for the first time.
(WOW-does that bring a sweet memory and a tear!)
She is so beautiful.
I pray the peace of God over baby Sonja right now in the name of Jesus. Holy Spirit - the great comforter - I ask you to help baby Sonja relax and trust and bond with her Momma Lori. I pray that peace and Joy will reign and reside over every aspect of Lori's visit in Guatemala and I ask for your wisdom and Guidance for her in the care of her precious baby girl. We ask these things with great faith because we know you are faithful to hear our prayers and answer them,

In Jesus name,

cindy said...

IT just warms my heart to see you holding her!

Heidi said...

Oh, you two look great together! I'll be praying for Sonja to bond with you while you're there!

Anonymous said...

Right now I am wishing I had DSL. I have been into this blog so many times today, I am probably wearing it out. My computer is so slow, but I keep my patience in that I may get another up-close and personal pic of our beautiful granddaughter. And of my two beautiful daughters too, of course. I will wait some more. It's good to hear she likes the outdoors. She fits right into the lifestyle of her family. She will love her home and especially her gorgeous new room. I'll keep checking here throughout the evening. I hate to think of going to work tomorrow being away from my computer. Maybe I can sneak a peek at work. They have DSL so it won't take as long.
Love, hugs and big juicy kisses,

me said...

The light just came on--FM must be foster mom and the other is the facilitator. Duh!!
Guess who?