Tuesday, December 26, 2006


I'm leaving in 12 days to go see my daughter for the first time! Those of you who have traveled to Guatemala, can you help me? What's the number one thing you wish you would have brought/thankful you brought?

How's the weather? What should I wear? Is bottled water provided in your room? I'm staying at the Marriott, what are the accomodations like? Is the internet/computer readily available? Is there shopping near by? Local artisan stuff and grocery store/baby needs store? Any suggestions or ideas would be great!

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Mackenzie's Forever Family said...

It's cool in the morning and warm in the afternoon.
#1 thing I was glad I brought-Camera of course and laptop.

Wish I would've brought a bathtub that was for newborns. The hotel we stayed at only had showers.


Kim said...

Ok - You asked - here you go!

Things to take: lap pads!!! (you will end up changing diapers on the bed - and these saved our bed a couple of times!), nice smelling diaper baggies (they have them at BRU or the Dollar Store - these helped if there was a dirty diaper soon after the room was taken care of), night light (I forgot this on both trips, and I really wish I would have brought it. The hotel lights are pretty harsh for those middle of the night feedings), bouncy seat (Alex LOVED his - or you can just use his - it's in the baby room at the Marriott!!)

Marriott - Ask for the key to the baby room on the 3rd floor of the old tower. Also, if they aren't really full, and you are staying in a "regular" room, ask for a room at the end of the hall - the room is bigger, and you will have two balconys. The Marriott concerige will order anything you want from the pharmacy and have it delivered. We had bottled water and formula ordered. They will just bill your room and it's very reasonable.

We had really good sucess with the internet access in our room if you take your laptop. There is a computer in the baby room. It works pretty well and is what we used on our visit trip. There are a few shops in the Marriott, but if you go out the back door, turn to your left, go through the parking lot, and across the street, there are lots of really neat shops. We didn't go on our visit trip as I was nervous to go by myself. I shouldn't have been - everyone is really nice and speaks good English.

The food at the Marriott is also very good. There is a McDonalds within walking distance, and the conceirge can order other take out for you.

Let me know if you have any other questions. I loved the Marriott!!

Oh - there are also baby bathtubs available either through the conceirge (they will bring it to your room), or there are a couple in the baby room that you can use.

ginger said...

Sounds like Kim summed it pretty well. The time with your child does make you forget about giving them back. However, it does hurt for awhile. I have done this 3 times. You would think I would be accustomed to leaving.

Crystal said...

Lori--I am sorry I cannot help you out--we had planned to go down right after Christmas but we entered PGN so we are waiting it out--but I am so excited for you!!!! 12 days!!! Yippee!!!! I cannot wait to see your pictures when you get back!!!!! Many Blessings to you and your Family!!!! I will be praying for you!!!!

Crystal said...

I am so glad you posted this!!!--I never dreamed I would be referring it so soon!!!:o) Maybe I will see you in Guatemala!!!! I am sooooo happy for you to be going!!!!!!!!!!!!! PRAISE THE LORD!!!!!!!!!!

Kim said...

Lori - I've tagged you - see my blog!

Cindy said...

Can't WAIT to see your pictures and hear all about your trip!

Sig said...

So glad you are going, it's a trip of a lifetime. :)

Lori said...

Thanks everybody!!