Monday, October 02, 2006

Parenting 101

My husband and I have been blessed with an extremely passionate, compassionate, HIGH energy, strong willed, very adorable child!! Parenting DOES NOT come easy with a extremely strong willed child. We have sought out counseling and have been talking with our counselor for approximately a month. We have met individually and together with her. While I met with her individually recently, she was asking things such as, "Where have you gotten your excellent parenting skills?". Which made me wonder, if she is telling me this, then why am I paying her to help us? Well, today she did open our eyes a little wider! She had us do a communicating exercise. One of us started and the other needed to respond back with what they heard the first person say and so on and so on! My husband and I have not thought of us has having communication problems. We verbalize our needs to each other and express our feelings for each other all the time. This exercise helped us to slow down our conversation and really focus on our feelings when we are talking about parenting Nico. It forced us to really "hear" each other and our needs while dealing with discipline or a conflict we may have with Nico. Now we need to focus on what is going on in Nico's mind and better help him with his hyperactivity while in a classroom setting!

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Casey Ross said...

Lori - It is encouraging to read what you and your husband are doing to be the best parents you can be for Nico and Sonya. They will appreciate and love you both as they grow up. Kids need parents who are committed to each other then to committed to them.