Friday, August 04, 2006

Special Delivery

Yesterday our social worker had emailed me stating that she had mailed recent updated medical information of Sonja and we should see it soon. Nico and I ran to the grocery store and on our way, I decided to turn around in our neighbors drive and get the mail first rather then on our way home. As I was turning back around to head to the store, Nico wondered what I was doing. I said, "I'm checking the mail, I can't wait to see if we received a special envelope or not". Nico replied, "What is the envelope that your looking for, Mom?" Me- "I'm looking for updated medical information for Sonja". Nico - "What, are they mailing her to us?"

Oh boy! Out of the mouths of babes!! Parenting brings a whole new level of adventures to life.

I explained that babies are not mailed in the mail. Nico thought that they should be, because they are so tiny.

This poor child has a skewed perception of conception! Don't worry we will set him straight and his idea of conception will be on track at an age appropriate time!!
Til' then I will soak up the laughs!!!

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