Sunday, July 02, 2006

Lake Six Living!

We made it to Joel's parents! For those of you who weren't aware of our vehicle situation this past week, I will clue you in! Almost three weeks ago, we had brought our car into a local station to have them look over the truck after it had back-fired and stalled a few times. They did $600 of repair and we were on our way. This past week the truck decided to do the same thing. We brought it into the local Chevy dealer and they had their crack at it to the tune of $1000. On our way up to Joel's parents, our truck was doing the SAME EXACT THING - So the problem has not been fixed! Yeah! We got here ok though, parked it and have walked away for now. We have been busy! We celebrated Joel's parents 50th Anniversary yesterday, we have been enjoying the sun, water and games. We eventually do make it to bed every night by midnight! We are having a great time and are enjoying the relaxation!

We are the "outlaws"! Cathy (married to Joel's brother Tony), Me, Sergio (married to Joel's sister, Dana)

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