Wednesday, June 07, 2006


Joel promised Nico a trip to the MN Zoo in June and so he took the day off and we went. We had a great day! Nicolai had to see ALL of the exhibits at mach one speeds. (He reminded me of shopping with my older sisters. They stand at the entrance door to the store, scan the store from wall to wall and in that short time, determine whether or not they want to stay or move on.) Ironically Nico wanted to stop the longest at the farm. (We have a family farm in Princeton that we can visit for free at anytime!) He stayed to feed the goats. He especially liked the baby goats. We found out where the beef was and fed the cows! We then took a ride on the tractor pulled wagon. Afterwards we continued to walk through exhibits before taking a ride on the much appreciated air conditioned Monorail! We learned that ostriches are the heaviest bird. We got to see Tiger scat - Yeah!! We learned that trumpeter swans never leave their first mate, they are life partners. Weirdly that was kind of cool to hear today. I was having somewhat sentimental thoughts as we walked er..I mean raced through the exhibits! My husband and I had gone there on a date shortly after we had met for the first time. AAAaaaahhhh! Continuing on and remembering that we had a six year old with, we ended our day at the IMAX Theater to see African Safari Wild in 3D! Yah the 3D was really cool, at one point of the show I had the world sitting on my lap! The show was like taking a trip to the Safari and riding in a Jeep. When we came upon a male and female leopard, they talked about their reproductive habits and I prayed that they wouldn't actually show it. Well, sure enough, they slipped in a clip briefly at the very end of that segment of the show. I thought everything would be fine, until three older boys started to laugh and talk about it hysterically behind us. Nicolai joined in on their fun! Oh no - I thought it would be the top topic in the truck on the way home. Thankfully Nico fell asleep and nothing was said, UNTIL we got home!! Right before bed he started talking about it and pretending with his plastic leopards what they were doing and so we tried blowing it off as wrestling, yah that's right they were wrestling. Nico said, "No, No they weren't wrestling it was a leopard pile, kind of like a pig pile. Ha Ha He He!" Both Joel and I chimed in, "Yah, a leopard pile, yah that's what it was, that's funny!!"

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margaret said...

Too funny!!

Stephanie said...

That's hilarious! It's crazy how much kids love the zoo!