Monday, June 05, 2006

Have ya' heard?

Several of you have asked if we have heard anything regarding Sonja. We haven't as of yet. The latest news is that our dossier is finally on its way to Guatemala and it needed to be sent with one letter missing out of it. Unfortunately the format was incorrect and so it needed to be resent and sealed by the officials and it will be sent shortly to Guatemala to catch up with the rest of the dossier. What's a dossier? A packet of information and legal documents with information pertaining to each of us and our household along with necessary referral letters and recommendations from family and friends. (Those of you who were asked to write a letter, notarize or complete a witness statement - it's in there and it's traveling to Guat!) Your kind words and recommendations will have an impact on the Guatemalan officials. Thank you - As soon as I have more info I will definitely be blogging it to document for our future!

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