Tuesday, April 11, 2006


My son walked in the door from getting off of the bus this afternoon and posed the question to me, "Mom, When am I going to get my baby sister? Can you just tell me when, what month, huh? Just tell me a month!" Joel and I have not talked much about Sonja in front of Nico, mainly to avoid a long list of questions from him. Today, his question was from his heart, without any promptings. As I turned away to keep him from seeing my tear filled eyes, I stated, "Honey, I don't know! I don't have the answer to that question." (I know God does, I trust that He does, I'm hopeful to know soon...We all are!)

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Anonymous said...

God does have the answer and I have been praying for you!

margaret said...

Can you imagine how much love Nico is going to give little Sonja when he gets his hands on her!?!?!

WyldJoker said...

Awe! It's so heartbreaking when you don't have the answers a child looks for.

PS:: found you blog finally from a link at Queen Bee. hope ou don't mind me linking to ya on mine.

Lori said...

Thanks for praying!

Margaret - That's what I'm afraid of - he's going to smother her!! : ) It's all good!

Wyldjoker - Hey welcome back, haven't seen yours in a while - I've been painting and throwing parties - just a little busy! Yes you can link me up - That's great!