Monday, January 30, 2006


God is so amazing! This past week, as I shared in my previous post, was a tough one. I had a heavy heart for those around me. Disappointment, fear, anger, you name it, I think I felt it! Sunday morning, God brought one of our employees to church. That is four friends in one week, just out of the blue. Don't you feel sometimes that you are just saying words and keep asking and keep asking of your friends and neighbors. Not that it is about me, but I tend to loose hope. I'll admit it, I give up on my friends, employees and neighbors and then God Bam! brings them in! He is so incredible. That was a huge blessing to me this past Sunday and honestly it was a great pick me up and reminder that God needs us to keep reaching out for His children. I don't know what they got out of the service, but that's not up to me, that is up to God. He just gave me an icebreaker to talk about, maybe go deeper, who knows - Only God!

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